• Feb., 2020

    DoWell New Materials was established, manufacturing the acrylic emlusion products

  • Dec., 2019

    DoWell Tech was rated as a National High-tech Enterprise

  • Nov., 2019

    DoWell Tech began to manufacture ACM

  • May, 2018

    DoWell Tech ACM project started construction, with production capacity of 5,000 tons annually

  • Aug., 2017
    Jiujiang DoWell Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (DoWell Tech) was established

  • Mar., 2010

    ShiLong Rubber began to manufacture ACM

  • Dec., 2008

    Acquired ACM patent

  • Sept., 2006
    DoWell Tech's predecessor, ShiLong Rubber, was established in Duchang, Jiangxi Province
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