Jiujiang DoWell Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., located in Jiangxi, China, is a specialized manufacturer of polyacrylate rubber products. The company, with its first-rated R&D team, develops, produces, markets polyacrylate rubber products and provides application services to both its domestic and international customers.


DoWell Tech is also one of the main drafters of China’s National Standard for polyacrylate rubber, namely "GB/T33428-2016".

With an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons, the company has obtained the ISO9001 certification of quality management system and has become a reputable synthetic rubber producer in China.

DoWell Tech manufactures various types of polyacrylate rubber products with wide ranging properties, including aging resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, ultra-low temperature resistance, and ozone resistance etc. Among these products, active chlorine and carboxyl types are very popular in the market. Our products are suitable for oil seals, O-rings, hydraulic tubes, cylinder gaskets, rubber hoses, transformer seals etc., which are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, ships, and electric power industries.

DoWell Tech has a fully automated production line, regulated by the central control system. Through this system, technicians can monitor the entire production process in real time to ensure product quality. Moreover, our technicians also regularly inspect the production line and recording the operation data to ensure production safety.

DoWell Tech has an excellent R&D Center, dedicated to product development and innovation, with already a number of National patents to our credit. The company was, thus, accorded the honor (in 2019), as one of the National High-Tech Enterprises. The Center has put in place an advanced testing system, including laboratories for testing the tensile strength, heat aging, and ultra-low temperature resistance as well as the Mooney & curing examination of the products.

With the advanced testing system, engineers/researchers are able to conduct various tests to ensure the reliability, reproducibility and quality assurance of the products. The Center’s R&D team, led by a group of senior engineers, is targeting mainly on product design, functional optimization, and the development of new products. Pilot projects are carried out in our laboratories to provide process and data support for industrial production, which in return will continuously improve the translational efficacy of our R&D achievements.

DoWell Tech is aspired to become a leader in advanced polyacrylate rubber technology development and application, building customers’ trust and sustainable development strategies, which in turn will contribute to the promotion and development of the New Material Industry in the field of synthetic rubber.

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